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JumpSport® iBounce™ Kids Trampoline Videos

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24m - 6y








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Download any Hop-Along with RompyRoo Adventure Videos to the tablet of your choice, and watch your kids entertain themselves, learn, and exercise all at the same time. You can also play these excellent DVDs on your DVD player. They are especially designed to develop your child’s language, math and motor skills, and you will find the four episodes are a great platform for learning and staying active. Last year, Dr. Toy recognized the iBounce Kids Trampoline with Best Vacation Children Products 2012. This year, we recognize the RompyRoo Exercise Adventure DVDs which can be used in conjunction with the trampoline or independently, The DVDs feature 4 complete episodes, and are available also on iTunes and Amazon Instant Prime as digital downloads. Each episode builds upon the previous ones, and continue to teach letters, numbers, colors, and even musical notes in a very engaging way. The iBounce keeps children happily and physically engaged while they are learning with the videos. Available directly from website and other sites.