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Introducing Sphero 2.0., which is brighter, faster, and smarter than ever. The future of gaming is here, and you hold the power. Choose from over 25 apps and launch a whole new world of mobile gameplay. Drive circles around your friends with Sphero’s new engine, turn your living room into a video game with augmented reality apps like The Rolling Dead, and upgrade family game night with multiplayer apps like Color Grab. You get a crash course in programming Sphero with MacroLab. That’s just the beginning. There’s a whole new world of gameplay waiting for you to discover with Sphero. Sphero rolls 6 feet per second and pairs to your device via Bluetooth. Powered by induction charging and an internal smart robot, Sphero glows in many colors and is pet proof, waterproof, and ready for adventure. The goal is to continue to blend the real and virtual worlds to expand the boundaries of what can be expected from technology.