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Ruby's Studio: The Friendship Show

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24m - 7y








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“Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show” is a fun, engaging program that offers kids valuable tools to help them make and nurture lasting friendships. Join lovable host, Ruby, as she welcomes kids into her magical art studio for a day of creativity, fun, and friendship. With the help of adorable animated segments, art projects, and inspired original music, this latest installment is sure to engage and delight young kids as well as serve as a helpful tool for parents who aim to raise kind, communicative, compassionate children. With a curriculum guided by parenting experts, this well produced DVD offers many social and emotional benefits for young children, including strengthening friendships through empathy, providing tools to resolve conflict and confront bullying, and exploring the importance of The Golden Rule. Includes a series of books and two 45-minute children’s shows.