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Ice Math Ninja

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6y - 12y








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Ice Math Ninja is an innovative action game app that helps children practice math, while keeping them entertained by wonderful animation, fun music, and tender characters with whom they will bond. The very cool game is hosted by the adorable (and well behaved) Pookie and Tushka, the penguin and polar bear pair that won a Best New Children’s Book of the Year award for their print book “Pookie And Tushka Find A Little Piano.” An animated prologue sets the stage for the gameplay that follows. Pookie and Tushka have traveled to an unknown area of the magical Icelands. The five different math games included in Ice Math Ninja allow players to help Tushka with his task. Players swipe their fingers to control Tushka’s magical Swords of Fire. Each of the five different games can be played in Easy, Medium, or Hard mode, and players can also choose Lightning mode, where they have only 90 seconds to score. The game will challenge dexterity, and brainpower!