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How to Draw Cartoon Animation! Kit

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6y - 12y








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General’s® How to Draw Cartoon Animation! Kit includes all needed drawing tools to learn to draw cartoon animation, make flip books, and develop story boards. Contains 2 easy-to-follow books created by Pixar Animator Matthew Luhn. This product is Made in the USA and features recyclable packaging, recycled content, and is printed on FSC Certified Paper. Kit features Pixar animator Matthew Luhn’s illustrations on front of packaging with inspiring and educational information. Drawing accessories include: 2 Blank Flip Books, 3 Sketching Pencils, 1 Artist Sharpener and Eraser, and 8 General’s® PlastiPastel® Woodless Color Pencils of artist quality blendable colors. The travel-friendly size kit is perfect for road trips, birthday presents, rainy day projects, and beginning artist projects. Along with working as a Storyboard Artist, he teaches kids and adults how they, too, can turn their ideas and doodles into cartoons and animations. See also the earlier Dr Toy’s selected award winning How to Draw Cartoons! Kit.