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Chinese Starter Kit

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4m - 6y








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The MandarinaKids Chinese Starter Kit helps provide a system to help parents build a bilingual environment at home. The Kit is carefully designed to reinforce words and help a child build confidence through word recognition, sentence structure, and eventual reasoning through multi layering of sensorial engagements. Included is Grandma’s 80th Birthday Book with audio-CD-DVD. Vol.1 – General Words: Peek-a-Boo cards. Vol.1 MandarinaKids gives parents and kids access into the richness of Chinese history through Mandarin. Mandarina Kids’ philosophy is to offer holistic learning opportunities grounded in combining transactional and emotional learning. MandarinaKids’ products are a learning system designed in a way to engage early learners at every sensory level through DVDs, toys, books, iPhone App, as well as MandarinaKids Excursions that engages all five senses. Other features include Calligraphic strokes (sequencing is very important in Chinese writing), clear Beijing pronunciation, quick reference/subtitles in English, and translations (in handy inserts) in 6 international languages.