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The Fashion Designer's Kit

Age Range

8y - 12y








10 Best Creative, Arts & Crafts, Creative Product

The Fashion Designer’s Kit includes a wooden mannequin, five different squares of fabric, three different pieces of ribbon, needles, thread, colour pencils, a sketch pad, and basic patterns – absolutely everything a budding young fashion designer needs to get started. The kit also includes detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for basic sewing and hand stitching so it’s not essential to know how to sew before starting out. There are also handy design tips, which are open to lots of different interpretations. The kit B can be used again and again. The sturdy mannequin will last and can be used for many different outfits and designs. You can adjust it to stand in lots of different positions – handy for the different clothing styles and also for having your designs on display The handy tips encourage children to find other fabrics that they can recycle to make something new to add to their very own fashion collection.