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This new card game is about feelings, love and care for two players. Players play a Gardener, happy by day amid the beauty of flowers and a Stargazer, happy by night amid the beauty of stars, who meet at dawn and dusk. They realize together they can complete each other’s happiness day and night surrounded by the beauty each brings to the relationship. Players take turns to draw a card from the deck (called the relationship), or move a card toward their partner’s avatar/desire card. Each player must begin by drawing and placing Feeling cards, and convert them into Love cards, and the Love cards into Care cards through interaction. Players compete and cooperate as the Gardener or Stargazer to surround each other’s avatar card with Love and Care expressed as Flower cards and Star cards. The player who surrounds the other with the most Love and Care wins. Included is a deck of 35 shrink wrapped cards, divided into a set of 17 Gardener cards and 17 Stargazer cards, plus a cover card. The cards and a one-page rule sheet are housed in a 4” X 6” cotton bag stamped with the StarGarden logo. All components made in USA. John O’Neill founded GameWhys as a continuation of his work pioneering games as Interactive Portraits of Life, for reflecting on living through games. His new games, Humanity and OYL, are for parents and teachers to use with their children as playful arenas to “Teach without Preaching” and for children to “Learn through Feeling.”