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Deluxe Kit

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8y - 12y








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Designed to inspire creativity and innovation, littleBits brings the simplicity of the classic building block to the world of electronics. The Deluxe Kit is the biggest littleBits collection, which opens up a world of endless design possibilities for builders. Each new Kit contains an assortment of color-coded, electronic “Bits” that instantly snap together with magnets. Each Bit has a specific function, such as power, light, sound, pulse and more, allowing people age 8 to 108 to create simple circuits in seconds or build more inventive projects like an art bot or a customized bubble flute. The Deluxe Kit contains 18 Bits, including one power Bit, five input Bits, five output Bits, seven wire Bits, and an expanded project booklet featuring step-by-step instructions for 15 projects.