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Board Game, Educational Skills, Transportation, Travel Item

Slooooks! is a delightful, entertaining game that can be played anywhere. The rules are simple and many different ages can play together. The game board folds like a book (measuring 8.75” x 8.75” x 2.25”), which makes it a wonderful on-the-go toy. Parents will like the fact that there are not a lot of loose pieces. In fact, the sand timer is the only part of the game that detaches. It is perfect to play in a restaurant. The kids can open the board and play, and when the food arrives they simply replace the sand timer and fold the game. To play, you first decide on a playing area. Then spin both spinners. This gives you a color and a letter. You must find an object in the playing area that is the same color and starts with the same letter. If you can do this before the sand timer runs out, you score a point. The first person to score 5 points wins. There are also many variations to the game, for both older and younger players. These are explained on the back of the game board (so you can never lose the directions). This game is educational, portable, and fun. It’s perfect for travel as it is easy to bring along and changes depending upon where you play.