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Box Props People

Age Range

4y - 6y








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Box Props People kits fuel kid creativity – kids transform cardboard boxes into unique and imaginative People faces. Box Props People kits come with innovative, easy to use 'Scru' tools – the first ever kid friendly cardboard screws. Find an everyday box such as a cereal or shoe box and use the Scru's to connect a set of illustrated, plastic People Props. Mix-and-match Props to create endless face combinations. The kit contains 8 Scru's and 15 Props including multiple eyes, mouths, noses, ears, fun moustache, hands, eyebrows, even funny glasses. Props can be colored in with crayons (not supplied) and washed off. All parts are re-usable. The People kit is just 1 of 4 exciting products in Makedo's new Box Props Faces range which also features Monsters, Pets and Robots. For larger box construction, Makedo's Box Props Transport range allows kids to build their own Airplane, Digger, Fire Truck or Roadster - find a box large enough to sit in and simply connect the Transport themed plastic Props using Scru's.