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Chef Pop de Pop

Age Range

6y - 12y








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Butter up for this freshly packed game that’s bursting with fun. Shake the shaker and count up the popcorn on the dice. Collect your cards to see if the total matches any of the flavors. Watch out for burnt kernels. Get ready to jump up in a jiffy if you spot the “Pop!” Stack up the most cards and munch your way to a win. Did you know that making popcorn is a multi-sensory experience? From the sound of the “Pop!” to the sight of the kernels transformation, to the aromatic smell, to the feel of freshly popped kernels, to the delectable crunchy taste, you literally use all five of your senses. Just as with real popcorn, you’ll use almost all your senses when playing this game: Ears to hear the dice rattle, eyes to count up the totals, hands to shake the shaker and collect cards, and nose to hopefully “smell” the sweetness of victory. Make some popcorn and start to play.