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Golf Set

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24m - 7y








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It’s never too early to teach kids about sports and cooperative competition. The best part of practicing a sport when kids are younger comes out of the quality time we get to spend with our child teaching them the rules of the sport. The child-parent bonds created through game-play sets the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment together. The Rubbabu™ Golf Set gives you all you need to play endless rounds of miniature golf. The toys are made from soft all-natural rubber foam so you can set up a little course around the house and play inside. Each Golf Set comes with the following: two clubs, two different colored balls (one red and one blue), 1 flag & hole and 1 carrying caddy. The carrying caddy has wheels so that your little golfer can safely tote the set around the make-shift golf course you and your family put together. The clubs are quite substantial and offer a solid construction to grip. The ends of the club and the the balls are covered in a fine European flock. This gives it a soft and velvety texture.The flag and hole are big and brightly colored, which gives the right target. Made in India from 100% all-natural rubber foam and fashioned using very little energy or water, this ecological and playful toy provides safety, health, and supports environmental awareness. Natural rubber is the sap of the rubber tree, which can be collected from the same tree for 25 years, making products both biodegradable and renewable. Rubbabu’s hand-made toys are made in an A-rated International Council of Toy Industries plant by many people who bake, paint, flock, check, and pack the toys into cartons. Because they are made from natural rubber, which is flexible and durable, these toys are very strong and can last for many years of intense play.