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Which Way USA

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6y - 12y








10 Best Educational, Creative Product, Cultural, Educational Skills, Electronic Product, Game, Internet/Virtual, Multimedia, Puzzle, Socially Responsible

With two states’ worth of fresh puzzles, interesting facts and geographically accurate maps each month, Which Way USA helps children learn as they read, write and solve their way through a madcap race across the United States. From Texas to Florida to New York—and everywhere in between—kids’ confidence will soar as they complete challenges to earn points for their team of cross-country explorers. Young puzzlers will love learning about new states, uncovering clues, meeting up with fascinating heroes, visiting natural and man-made wonders, and reliving great historic events. Each shipment comes with two state puzzle books, two maps, two collectible license-plate key tags and access to the Which Way USA Web site. Members also will receive an exclusive game guide to record notes from their travels, and a key-tag ring to keep track of states they’ve visited!