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The Rhythm Tree Music and DVD Package

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3y - 12y








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The Rhythm Tree DVD and Music Package allows you to bring music, fun, and success into the lives of children with special needs. The program is designed to help your child reach developmental goals in a motivating way. This comprehensive package includes 9 interactive songs that address particular skill sets, a full-length CD for listening and learning on the go, a 30-page guidebook with music and lyrics along with strategies for addressing developmental goals, and 3 sets of motivating instruments so the whole family can join in. Everyone will enjoy shaking their tambourine, maracas, and rhythm sticks. The Rhythm Tree was founded with the inspiration to help parents, educators, and therapists learn how to use music to help children with special needs. The Music Package was developed by an experienced therapist to make it easy for people to experience the joy and power of music. Songs include It’s Music Time – greetings, speech, and communication; We’re Gonna Move – body awareness, gross motor skills, impulse control; and Tap My Sticks – imitation, following directions, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and much more. Bonus chapters include how to use prompting strategies so the child can be more successful and independent; how to make homemade instruments and use them to address developmental goals; and how to adapt instruments so that any child, regardless of physical ability, can play them successfully. 57 minutes.