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Your child will benefit from math instruction with this new Mathletics web-based resource that provides students 24/7 access to Mathletics Live, a multi-player environment where students challenge other students from around the world in mental addition skill and accuracy, aligned curriculum activities, video, dictionary and concept search items, interactive activities, problem solving, times table songs with animations, and a vast array of printable workbooks. There is no other web-based resource with this variety and quality for students K-12, and as this is a web resource, the content, tools, and student interface are constantly being developed to keep the learning environment up-to-date with the latest curriculum developments, and interface enhancements to keep students motivated. Students are motivated and engaged to learn. Reward and recognition to motivate and engage are all linked to improvement. Students are able to work through the curriculum at their own pace. Intelligent and adaptive questions adapt to the learning needs of each individual student. Students join a simulating and exciting online learning community. Students are assisted by an on-line support center with a visual step-by-step instruction for every math concept. Students enjoy the personalized look and feel. Students master concepts in the shortest possible timeframe. Students (and parents) are fully informed of their progress. Mathletics was first introduced in 2009. Spellodrome is new in 2011.