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Deluxe Roominate

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6y - 12y








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The Deluxe Roominate contains everything your daughter needs to build and wire up her own miniature room. With twice as many building pieces and circuits as the Basic Roominate, she can build and wire up even more furniture and contraptions for her creation. Build more bunk beds, longer water slides, and bigger staircases, or wire up a working elevator and lamp with the motor and light circuits. The wall and floor panels can be configured to build two-level structures, balconies, or backyards. Through hands-on building and circuits, Roominate brings together creativity, engineering, and fun. Includes 4 wall/floor panels (2-9"x6" and 2-6"x6" panels) - 48 modular building pieces (assorted teal, light blue, and yellow) - 16 connectors (orange) - 1 motor - 1 light - 2 switches - 2 battery packs (require 4 AAA batteries total, not included) - Colored paper (20 sheets) - Shiny tape (2 rolls) - String (24") - Felt (4 colors) - Stickers (8 sheets). Maykah, was founded by Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen while at Stanford. They saw few women around them in engineering and set out to design a solution. Both could trace their interest in engineering to the hands-on toys and projects they enjoyed when they were young.