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Butterfly Nature Tubes

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3y - 12y








10 Best Educational, Educational Skills, Novelty, Other, Science, Socially Responsible

Wild Republic’s ever-popular Nature Tubes, a collection of themed miniature play figurines, have received a new design. One example is the Butterfly Nature Tube with updated graphics and a unique color palette to easily differentiate between the assortment of play pieces inside. The back of each tube becomes a 12” x 7” play mat as an environment setting for use with the figures. The packaging is reusable for storage and a convenient carrying case. The butterfly Nature Tube comes filled with different types of butterflies such as monarch, swallowtail, and peacock. Nature Tubes come in dozens of themed assortments including: Rainforest, Farm, Endangered, North American, Sharks, Dogs, Snakes, Insects, Frogs, and others.