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Show Me the Kwan

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8y - 12y








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Kwan is a word game that certainly lives up to its name. The definition of Kwan is to be the most extraordinary of the extraordinary; an unstoppable force. To play Kwan, roll the dice and be the first to pick the letter that matches the category for each round. There are 13 dice; 12 contain letters and one says, 1st, 2nd or last, which defines the letter placement in the word. For example: Topic: food; Letter: A. If dice says 1st, then the word must begin with the rolled letter: Apple. If 2nd letter: Banana; or Last letter: Banana. Collect points and be the first to get Kwan. It is a fast paced, mind teasing, dynamic party game created by game designer, Martin Nedergaard Andersen.