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Emotional ABCs

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4y - 8y








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In the quest for success and happiness, emotional intelligence can matter more than IQ. But most children are not taught fundamental emotional skills, and instead, resort to makeshift coping strategies of their own. Emotional ABCs Activity Kit & DVD is the first program to give children, parents, and teachers simple, useable tools to work through the continuous streams of powerful childhood emotions. Developed with psychologists, therapists and educators, Emotional ABCs teaches children essential techniques to identify feelings, recognize sensations, and answer basic questions about well-being: What am I feeling? Why am I feeling this emotion? What’s the best choice for me in this particular situation? Geared for children ages 4 and up, the program stars Moody, a cuddly animated monster who desperately needs to learn his Emotional ABCs. Multiple studies confirm that children learn better, develop stronger relationships, and have higher self-esteem when they effectively manage their emotions.The program includes a 40-minute DVD plus Five Activity Moody Music CDs and a full deck of playing cards featuring Moody. Colorful Stickers help children identify changing moods. Emotional ABCs Toolbar magnet is a visual cue to help children remember and utilize their newly learned skills.