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STRIDER ST No-Pedal Balance Bike

Age Range

18m - 5y








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When toddlers can walk, they can ride a Strider. These no-pedal balance bikes were developed to help toddlers and young children learn balance and coordination before pedaling. The simple design allows children to gain both confidence as they learn to ride two wheels and lasting skills. The experience encourages development of spatial awareness, balance, and basic motor skills. Available at bike, motorcycle, and toy retailers, the bike is free of cables, chains, sprockets, pedals, or protrusions that can cause harm. It’s steady, stable, and safe as your child will instinctively place both feet securely on the ground so there are no “tip-overs” or “wobbles” that often create fear, hesitancy, or dislike of bike riding. The bike’s lightweight design and low center of gravity makes it easy to maneuver and control plus there is an adjustable seat.