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The Kaleidograph® is an elegantly simple, colorful tool for making geometric patterns that can be arranged into billions of designs by shuffling, rotating and flipping the 9 die-cut cards and 3 color backer cards. Like a paper kaleidoscope, each change reveals and surprises, and allows children to creatively explore the symmetry of crystals and flowers. The Kaleidograph offers the “Power of Design in the Palm of Your Hand.” The clever Kaleidograph is available in two versions, Crystal and Flora. The Crystal set takes its name from the straight-line crystalline patterns it produces, while the Flora set uses curved lines to create rich floral designs. Made in the USA from earth-friendly materials, the Kaleidograph appeals to a wide age range, works anywhere, and is an excellent travel toy. The cards can be used as an outlet for creative expression both by combining cards or as stencils for tracing overlapping designs on paper. Developed by Norman Brosterman, author of “Inventing Kindergarten”, and Scott Bultman, founder of Froebel USA, the Kaleidograph upholds the tradition of the original, Froebel Kindergarten system that is known to have influenced Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, Charles Eames, and design education at the Bauhaus.