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Tapeffiti Tape Art Tote Set

Age Range

8y - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Costume, Creative Product, Hobby, Novelty, Other


Tapeffiti Tape Art Tote Set is a fashion craft kit. Decorate the tote bag with 6 mini tape dispensers with different colors and patterns. Also has 6 replacement rolls and a style design guide with more than 2 dozen other project ideas, including tape bracelets, picture frames, pens or pencils, and pen/pencil containers. (Comes in Barbie licensed version, too). Also sold separately are 4 or 6 roll collection of Tapeffiti tapes in various designs, patterns, and colors. Color and pattern tapes for decorating is one of the hottest personal style trends for teens and tweens. Included are a full size tote bag, 6 mini tape dispensers with assorted colors and patterns.