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WO! (Bobby Susser Songs For Children)

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24m - 10y








10 Best Audio/DVD, Creative Product, Digital Disc, Socially Responsible

Bobby Susser has entertained and educated millions of children through his songs for the past 40 years. In his new, 25th collection, containing 12 songs, titled WO!, his work sounds better than ever. The songs are joyful, optimistic, and fun. They encourage young listeners to sing along, dance, and/or exercise; as they develop a sense of rhythm and expand oral expression. The music promotes the importance of friendship. Outstanding songs are “Any Time Of Day”, “The Wo Wo Song”, “Smiling Face”, and “Oooh Good Morning”. The entire collection includes catchy songs that will soon have everyone singing, dancing, learning, and having lots of fun. Lyrics and tips for use are included in this excellent collection.