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Butterfly & Bird Mixture Seed Bombs

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3y - 5y








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Drop a bomb and get plants growing and easily attract butterflies and birds. Seed Bombs are seeds encapsulated in a red clay and peat moss ball with the diameter roughly of a quarter. This concoction keeps the seeds moist and protects them from birds, animals, and insects. Reclaim a small piece of the planet by tossing Seed Bombs into an empty or neglected lot. You can throw them, toss them, crush them, or leave them. Then water them and they will grow Seed Bombs are proudly made in the United States with top quality ingredients. Seed Bombs are safe. Once a sufficient amount of rain has accumulated on the ground the seeds inside the Seed Bomb will begin to sprout. Seed Bombs will sprout about a week after being hydrated and will grow to cover a square foot each They are easy to sprout with a little water and can last for years. The earliest records of Seed Bombs date back to the 1930s. Seed Bombs are widely promoted by natural farming as a method of propagation. You can purchase and find out more information on Seed Bombs at Whether it’s a crack in the pavement or a vacant lot, Seed Bombs add life to any forgotten spot.