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The Christmas Pumpkin

Age Range

3y - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Green Product, Other, Socially Responsible


The Christmas Pumpkin is an illustrated children’s book inspired by the author’s son and the students in preschool. BeeBop Books Publishing and The Christmas Pumpkin are examples of inspiration, self-confidence, family values, eco-awareness, and joy in personal accomplishment. The story recounts the experience of a young boy named James, who decides to decorate a neglected green pumpkin for Christmas. The people in his neighborhood ask him, “What would you do with a pumpkin for Christmas?” They tell James that pumpkins are used for Halloween and autumn decorations, and for Thanksgiving, but not for Christmas. His parents support his creativity and he dreams of how he would decorate his pumpkin. When a man that seems to resemble Santa offers him a candle, James knows exactly what to do. With self confidence and his parents help, he carves a star and lets his light shine. Soon everyone begins to understand what a green pumpkin can do for Christmas. The book includes a coloring page that allows children to decorate their own Christmas pumpkin. BeeBop Books has a nationwide contest for coloring pages and decorating green pumpkins Originally published in paperback, the book will be available in a larger hardback edition.