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Maplelea Girls (6 individual dolls available)

Age Range

6y - 12y








Cultural, Doll, Educational Skills, Socially Responsible, Toy


Known as the Maplelea (may-pull-lee) Girls, the first six dolls of the series are ready to educate youngsters about Canada's culture, heritage, and geography. Meet huggable and lovable Jenna, Taryn, Brianne, Léonie (lay-oh-nee), Saila (sigh-lah) and Alexi, 10-year-olds who hail from across the country. Each doll stands 46 cm (about 18") tall and has a soft body with arms and legs that can be posed. Their eyes open and close and their hair is a delight to comb and style. Maplelea Girls offer an extensive range of clothing, furniture, bedding, pets and more to customize each doll to her character’s story (or her owner’s preference). Imagine having a social studies lesson by playing with dolls. That’s the concept behind the collection. All the Maplelea Girls arrive with a distinctive 64-page journal illustrated with doodles, photos and writings done by the doll character to tell about her life and the part of Canada she calls home. Canadian girls will discover fascinating locales within their own country like Cabbagetown, a delightful Victorian neighborhood in Toronto or Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, home of the Bluenose schooner. Learn about the walled city of Old Quebec with Léonie, go on an outdoor adventure with Taryn or experience with Brianne the challenges and fun of living on a family farm on the Canadian prairie. If you've never worn an amauti or Pang hat, check out Saila’s from Nunavut. there are some things that they have in common – they are all bright, caring, energetic Canadian girls who think Canada is one terrific country.” But that’s not all – the second half of each Maplelea Girl's journal offers blanks, questions and prompts for its young owner to fill in with her own notes and drawings. Girls eagerly write down the story of their own family and community, as well as imagine the next chapter of their doll character’s story.