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Buttons Buttons Interactive Reader

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5y - 7y








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Part of the new Learn to Read Interactive Readers series by Creative Teaching Press®, Buttons Buttons is a downloadable, interactive book designed to help emergent readers achieve reading success and have fun while reading. Children will enjoy learning to read in three fun ways that feature user-friendly icons, audio on/off options, and helpful instructions for easy navigation. 1.) Listen Mode: The story is a narrative sound effects. Children follow the highlighted text as it is being read for modeled fluency. 2.) Read Mode: Is geared for children who are ready to read the text on their own with support that allows them to click unknown words to have them read aloud. This mode also allows children to record themselves reading the story and then play back the recording. 3.) Activities Mode: Has four interactive games that reinforce key story-related skills such as phonemic awareness, comprehension, sentence building, and vocabulary development. This interactive book works on computers and interactive whiteboards; Win and Mac compatibility. With over 20 million copies sold worldwide, Learn to Read readers are a teacher- and parent-tested way to help children achieve reading success. Currently, 8 Learn to Read book titles are available in the interactive format: Buttons, Buttons; How to Make a Mudpie; I See Colors; I Am Special; I See Shapes; I Can Read; We Can Share at School; and Our Pumpkin. Creative Teaching Press® is a family-owned supplemental educational publisher of resources for grades PreK–8. A recognized leader in the industry, it offers a wide variety of learning décor, parent resources, and research-based products that deliver standards-driven content, including phonics, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. It is celebrating more than four decades of providing parents and teachers with high-quality, content-rich solutions. Affiliated brands include The Learning Works® and Youngheart Music®.