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Buddy the Backpack

Age Range

15m - 5y








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Buddy the Backpack, the newest product for the Buckle Toys family, is the ultimate Buckle Toy with 12 child friendly buckles.Little ones that love buckles will love Buddy. Buddy teaches toddlers visual matching, small motor coordination, and problem solving to help them match his brightly colored buckles. He also features a zipper, Velcro, shapes, and numbers 1-10. His straps on the back are adjustable so he can grow with your child. This backpack is perfect for when you are traveling because it has a large area to store your toddler’s favorite toys. There is also a small pocket on the side with Velcro to store smaller toys while on the go. Buddy is made of high quality soft plush fabric. Buddy will satisfy children’s curiosity about buckles while still providing educational value.