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DreamBox Learning Math

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5y - 10y








Educational Skills, Math


DreamBox Learning Math is a major new expansion of the rigorous online K-3 mathematics curricula. The latest version features more than 100 new lessons for a total of over 600 lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards, including in-depth fractions coverage for third and fourth grades, and added virtual manipulatives for K-5. The latest release also debuts a new Intermediate Learning Environment designed to engage and motivate older students and encourage critical thinking and ownership of their own learning. Struggling students in need of intervention will have the benefit of working on below-grade level lessons that match their educational needs, but are delivered in an age-appropriate environment. This innovative program adds extensive coverage of fourth grade curriculum while the third grade curriculum has doubled in size. It offers virtual manipulatives with online versions of physical objects students use in the classroom to explore math concepts and demonstrate what they know so teachers can easily gauge students’ comprehension. Examples of new tools include: Rational Rods, Fraction Number Line, Ratio Table, and Fraction Block Mat. It leverages gaming fundamentals that assist students’ with their technology-infused lives and help them to engage and develop motivation. Building a rich learning environment motivates students to persist. As a result, they take ownership of learning, and will more frequently persevere, and succeed. The products continue to serve younger learners with themes such as pixies, pirates, and dinosaurs, while the new Intermediate Learning Environment offers age-appropriate personalization and motivation elements designed to appeal to students in Grades 3-5. The new Intermediate Learning Environment allows students to add a layer of personalization that reflects individual interests and preferences. It also features embedded rewards such as the ability to unlock math-based mini-games that motivate students to persist through challenging lessons. Junkyard Stomp™ is a mini-game to manipulate a dragon to stomp on multiples of seven or prime numbers. Students can earn badges designed to encourage proven instructional practices such as persistence in problem solving and attention to precision. Additional features include personalized math experiences and an adaptive learning engine that continually assesses students’ progress and places them in the exact right spot within the curriculum at their optimal learning zone. With every click of the mouse, the engine evaluates speed, accuracy, efficiency, and the strategy a student uses to solve problems to determine the next step. This automated differentiated instructional technology is the ideal partner for teachers and parents. Founded in 2006 in Bellevue, Washington, Dream Box, the Intelligent Adaptive Learning company, launched a web-based platform and its first online learning product in January 2009.