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Foamies® Party Platter

Age Range

6y - 10y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Hobby, Other


When kids get creative, they need lots of supplies! Darice’s big Party Platter of Foamies® shapes is a fun way of providing lots of materials for craft projects, from family fun to schoolroom art activities. Like deli meats, kids get a great selection – from plain to sparkly, in assorted colors. Plus, there’s plenty of fun embellishments to add to projects: poms, rhinestones, and sparkling spangles. Bright, colorful platter of assorted shapes, set out like a huge deli platter. A whole delicious selection of crafting fun. Lets kids choose from squares, flowers, rounds, hearts, and more in either solid or fabulous glittery foam. In the center are poms, sequins, and rhinestones for embellishing each unique project. Perfect for family, school and other group crafting. The company has for more than 50 years created products children love, and which interest and engage them, allowing them to easily develop their imagination, crafting skills, and storytelling abilities while at play. Foamies® foam is an especially popular material that is uses to create kits, stickers, and an assortment of products for children. The kit offers three fun and easy-to-make toys and provides hours of fun play and imagination time.