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Marshmallow Clay-Dino Volcano

Age Range

6y - 10y








Arts & Crafts, Construction Toy, Creative Product, Toy


Kids love dinosaurs. There’s something compelling about these huge, extinct lizards from the past that sparks the imagination and fosters scientific and artistic creativity. Create an exciting ancient prehistoric scene with dinosaurs standing near a volcano that’s just about to erupt. Kit contains parts needed to create the whole setting, including clay for the dinosaurs. The kit is fun and easy to make and provides hours of fun play and imagination time. The company has for more than 50 years created products children love, and which interest and engage them, allowing them to easily develop their imagination, crafting skills, and storytelling abilities while at play. Foamies® foam is an especially popular material that is used to create kits, stickers, and an assortment of products for children. The kit offers three fun and easy-to-make toys and provides hours of fun play and imagination time.