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Charles the Airplane

Age Range

6m - 6y








Green Product, Handmade, Other, Socially Responsible, Toy, Transportation


This special assortment of 8 fuzzy colorful durable, safe and fun toy vehicles includes plane, car, fire engine and bus. They are the perfect size for little ones to grab onto. With all the different colors and shapes they provide endless hours of pretend play and story telling. Rubbabu toys are made of soft, squishy rubber foam, which is organic, hypo-allergenic, and completely biodegradable. They are covered with the brightest, best-quality Swiss flock for a surface your child will enjoy playing with. This is a safe, durable and fun toy for preschoolers to enjoy at home and on travel. They are also available as a Little Vehicle Assortment B and the wonderful new Shape Sorter Bus.