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Tinga Tinga Tales Create-A-Creature Game

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3y - 8y








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Colorforms, an iconic play product, once again brings classic Colorforms® to life with the Tinga Tinga Tales™ Create-A-Creature Game. Using African artwork from the loveable Disney Junior TV Show, Tinga Tinga Tales™, players use their imagination to tell stories about the unique creatures they create. So 2 to 4 players can take turns spinning the wheel to see which body part to select from the 32 pieces. When all players have collected a pair of legs, a tail, a head, and two ears and arranged them on a scene card, players take turns telling imaginative stories about how their creatures were created. Every generation will enjoy playing with the reusable pieces as they bring to life never before seen animals. Once the hilarious creatures are formed, the Create-A-Creature Game promotes imagination and creativity through the story each player tells about the new animal. The stories of how each animal came to be change every time as numerous animal combinations are created. Colorforms is a division of University Games Corporation, founded by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman in 1985, and now distributes products in 28 countries.