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Ceramic Bead Sticker Party

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6y - 9y








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Your child can design her own ceramic jewelry and can make 10 necklaces and bracelets that express her own individual style. It's easy and fun. Just peel, stick and string. The kit comes with star, tile, circle and block ceramic beads that she and her friends can decorate with stickers in a variety of patterns, letters and symbols. There's no end to the creative possibilities. A great project to do together at home for yourselves, and for friends and family with special messages, like I Love You or LOL by simply separating the ceramic tiles with beads or knots. Excellent also for a crafting party, and invite friends over. Kit includes 17 ceramic beads, 225 stickers, seed beads, 7 cords, ball chain, elastic, beading needle plus easy instructions for creative and learning fun.