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Brainetics™ is an exciting new mind-and-memory program designed to unleash the potential of the human brain and get kids excited about math and learning. The program’s creator, Mike Byster, developed Brainetics over the last decade. Brainetics does more than teach children how to multiply 37 by 68 in seconds (the answer is 2,516). Using patterns, memory games, and fun exercises, kids who are nervous about numbers learn that they aren’t scary, and kids who are already math whizzes get a great new challenge with numbers. The best part is that Brainetics teaches all of them how to do things they never thought possible. In addition to the five fun and empowering DVD programs, there is the interactive web site www., plus a workbook, or “Playbook.” Fun games, practice problems, and helpful hints are designed to boost the power of a child’s brain, making learning more fun. The package also includes custom Brainetics flash cards to help kids get better and faster at their new skills, a deck of playing cards, and a Parent Guide that explains each lesson and helps get parents engaged in the program. Using the Brainetics tools of the program keeps kids engaged yet challenges them as they progress through the different lessons.