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KerFlip, the first product from Creative Foundry Games is a fast-paced anagram word game with a completely new twist on scoring and cleanup. Each player has a 20-second timer. After the round’s tiles are dropped on the board, it’s a free-for-all. The first player to see a word shouts it and starts the timer. The clock is ticking on the other players. The next player that sees a word, shouts it, and starts the timer. That timer is now the one to beat. Continue until each player has called a word, or the last (most recently flipped) timer runs out. Players who fail to call a word before the timer expires will bust and score zero for the round. The first player that called a word then scores. All the tiles are ivory side up and it’s 10 points per tile. Once a player has scored, all the tiles used are flipped over to their orange side. Those orange tiles are now worth only 5 points to other players. The next player scores the same way, but any previously used (orange) tiles in the players word are worth only 5 points instead of 10. Continue scoring and flipping used tiles to orange until all players’ scores have been recorded. At the end of each round, sweep all orange (used) tiles into the tile chutes and recycle unused tiles back to the draw pouch. At the end of the game, pick up, and gently shake the game box to funnel used tiles into a collection cup under the board. Cleanup is easy, fast, and fun. This game allows all ages to compete and have fun.