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Katatu is a fun strategy-based game that has roots similar to ‘Tic Tac Toe’ and ‘Nine Men’s Morris’ and has been passsed down and played in many countries all over the world for the past 3000 years. The game, which means ‘three,’ takes on a unique game variation with the addition of diagonal lines and three more playing pieces to make for a more exciting and more challenging game experience. The game board is similar looking to a Spider Web or a ‘pyramid’ in design and magnetic ‘bugs’ (bees and grasshoppers) are used as the game pieces. The game is played by placing, sliding, and then flying your bees and grasshoppers to make ‘three-in-a-rows’ or ‘mills’ during the three phases of the game. When you form a ‘katatu’ mill or three in-a-row, you may capture one of your opponents game pieces (bug). The selection of which opponent’s game piece is a large part of the startegy and game play. Everyone can play the game many times and each game will be different. The player who makes ‘threes’ succesfully and eliminates the opponent wins. A 100% startegy game, it’s easy to learn and play for all ages. This is a handy portable game board and comes with a bug pouch to carry game pieces.