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Emotes Rescue Quest: A Game of Emotional Expression

Age Range

6y - 12y








Board Game, Cultural, Educational Skills, Game, Other, Socially Responsible


Emotes are a series of clever products aimed at helping children increase emotional intelligence, while having fun. Developed by a licensed psychotherapist and educator, Emotes offers interactive activity geared towards engaging imagination and self-awareness and gently challenges children to explore their emotions and increase empathy for the feelings of others. Emotes are very special creatures, as they each possess their own unique emotional super power. They are so special that Dr. Viro and his band of viruses have captured a group of Emotes and will attempt to steal their emotions! Choose your favorite Emote hero and set off on an exciting adventure to defeat Dr. Viro. Use your creativity and emotional energy to collect Power Chips and save the Emotes. Answer fun questions, act out silly situations, and draw creative pictures. It will take all of your wits and imagination to complete your mission. Developed over a span of three years, it is involved in a validation study with Loyola Marymount University where preliminary data shows “statistically significant data in the improvement of social-emotional vocabulary and skills” in children that have used Emotes and the Emotes curriculum.