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Little Musician Basic

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6m - 12y








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Little Musician is the perfect tool for teaching your child music. Requiring no formal knowledge of music and just 5 minutes a day, you can nurture your child’s interest in music, help develop her innate musical talent, and give her a solid foundation in music education. This software-based learning system was created to empower parents to help develop their children’s musicality during the early years, when learning can be effortless. All that is needed is for the parent to interact and have fun with the child. The program will help you get started on teaching your child music. The kit includes software, a license key for lifetime use, and a ready-made 12-month curriculum. Your child will learn to sing music notes, recognize notes and chords, improve her sense of sound and pitch, identify notes written on the musical staff, develop the ability to move in rhythm to music, learn about all major instruments and the sounds they make, get acquainted with famous composers and compositions through the different classical pieces, and familiarize herself with the musical keyboard. The pre- planned curriculum makes it easy to teach your child each day. All you need to do is press “play” and have fun during the lesson.