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With the Hyrdrodynamic Building Set your young engineeer can build a model of an ice cream factory, a water treatment plant, a distillation plant, and many other industrial structures. Your child will discover how a siphon works. Balance the flow through the plant by adjusting the valves, and learn the basic principles of fluid dynamics while constructing and playing. The child can build a model of a manufacturing plant with working tanks, pipes, valves, and pump with this unique construction toy. A colorful instruction book provides building instructions and several examples of different structures your child can use to build. The idea booklet that comes with the set has been improved with more detailed images of what can be built and how it can be incorporated with the company’s other building sets as a “working” factory model. The green collars that hold the tanks together are made with a softer plasticizer that allows them to expand and contract with the tanks while keeping them tight fitting so that water pumps through them. Excellent set for learning and building.