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Bag-O-Loot Junior

Age Range

6y - 12y








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The Junior Edition of Bag-O-Loot is fun to play. Deal the cards and follow the steps. Nothing complicated about the play, but once you take the first set of cards from another player the whole family is are hooked. There are a couple of different variations of the game to keep it interesting for all ages. One variation called “Cooperative Play” is especially noteworthy. In this variation, players work together to try to end the round with each player having the exact same score. This also works very well in the classroom as each team competes with other teams to mix cooperation with competition. The game pieces come in a signature drawstring bag that is great for travel and camping. The cards are colorful using picture, letter, and word recognition as players create sets of matching cards called “collections.” Once you have five of a kind, you create a Bag-O-Loot and it can no longer get taken by any other player. Families and friends spend time together when they play Bag-O-Loot as it’s fun to play with not just one victory at the end of the game. There are many victories along the way such as every time you take a set of cards from another player or complete a set to make a Bag-O-Loot. All players throughout the game share mini-victories, so it’s even fun when you lose. Designed for 2-4 players.