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The Reading Game 2nd Edition

Age Range

4y - 7y








Card Game, Educational Skills, Game


The Reading Game makes learning to read fun, fast, and effective. This fast-paced memory card game, with accompanying content-rich storybooks, can help any child learn to read without frustration while having fun. The set includes card games and six illustrated storybooks that work together to make learning to read successful. The game, played like Concentration, teaches hard-to-learn Dolch and High Frequency sight words, five words at a time. Each card game aids the child to recall a total of 30 vocabulary words into the child’s memory after a few short games. Once the card game is played a few times, the child can easily read the accompanying book from start to finish without hesitation or frustration as the storybook is told using only the 30 words learned in game play. By the time the sixth card game/book set is completed, the child will have 180 accessible words. The game builds confidence in reading and meets Common Core State Standards for Language and Literacy Arts for Kindergarten and First Grade. Includes 6 decks of brightly colored cards, 6 illustrated storybooks, and Parent’s Guide.. Allsaid & Dunn develops educational products, drawing on educational author, Kenneth Hodkinson.