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Charge & Drive Vehicles

Age Range

12m - 5y








Active Toy, Creative Product, Outdoor Play, Toy, Transportation


Chicco’s Charge & Drive remote-controlled vehicles are full of power! The vehicles come in two varieties: police car and fire truck, and will make children feel like they are driving their own rescue vehicles. Each vehicle features an easy-to-grasp steering wheel with two buttons – one to move forward and another to turn the vehicle and trigger realistic sound effects that make each vehicle roar! These rescue vehicles run on built-in rechargeable NiMH battery packs and come with their own charging stations. When the battery is recharging, a green indicator light will come on and the vehicle will toot its horn. When the vehicle has been fully recharged, the green light will turn off and a hooting sound is played. Helps develop coordination and fine motor skills and encourages active play.