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Shrimp Cocktail

Age Range

7y - 12y








Card Game, Game, Toy, Travel Item


Shrimp Cocktail is a hilarious party game of visual perception. Humorous illustrations of shrimp decorate the cards, from which players race to identify matches between four characteristics: origin, color, quantity and size. Catch a matching shrimp trait in one of the three fishing zones, squeeze the starfish. If you’re successful, collect cards; but if you make a mistake, you pay a penalty. The action is fast and the pride of a haul is rewarding. Spot two shared traits and you get a bonus; spot three and you win the game immediately! Otherwise, the game ends when all cards are gone. The “King of the Prawns” is the player with the most shrimp cards. As players call out and reach for the cute squeaky starfish, you are sure to laugh at the feeding frenzy. It’s a shrimptastic adventure you can take anywhere.


The game develops visual perception, categorization and rapid response. The pace of the game encourages quick thinking, observational skills, and eye-hand coordination. Shrimp Cocktail is a hilarious game that comes in a travel-friendly tin, perfect for seaside vacations!