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Active Toy, Creative Product, Game, Socially Responsible


Flapz is based on a handmade classic game, Fortune Teller, and is an eco-friendly and endlessly fun game. The fun of popular schoolyard activity has been created with 96 commands that range from factoids, to hilarious performances, to acts of imagination. Flapz is a pocket game full of challenges, surprises, and great times. The friendly commands inside keep tickling your brain and tapping your feet for answers, which will change based on situations and players.


The game appeals to all ages and leaves room for everyone to excel. It folds up easily and is created with waterproof, durable and eco-friendly material. It has bold colors and a unique design that make it stand out and is enjoyed on family trips, and played with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Skills are developed in this game with mental challenges and it helps with fine motor and gross motor skills, encourages cooperation, and develops listening skills. The game is also an excellent tool for dramatic play and self-expression. Made out of Tyvek®, Flapz is waterproof, impossible to tear, and completely recyclable.