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Chef Cuckoo

Age Range

7y - 12y








Card Game, Creative Product, Game, Toy, Travel Item


Step into Chef Cuckoo’s kitchen! Will your daily special impress the judge? Using a selection of ingredient cards, players concoct creative dishes to meet a food challenge selected by the judge. Chefs may have to create the most unappetizing dish as well as the tastiest! The judge awards stars to the chef whose dish best matches the food challenge. In this game, all players have the opportunity to act as chef and judge. For more advanced play, chefs can persuade the judge to vote for their specials. Chefs think of a name and entertaining description for their dish. After a presentation, the judge casts a final vote.


The game is a delightful way to expose kids to the fundamentals of cooking. Each ingredient card features caloric information to help build awareness of appropriate serving sizes and encourage healthy eating habits. Playing Chef Cuckoo is a great way to learn about food preferences of family and friends. All ages show their talents while they whip up winning additions to the game menu.