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Board Game, Educational Skills, Game, Math


CampAntics™ is the children’s board game of summer camp adventures. The board is the campground, and 1-4 players are the campers. Each trip around the board is one realistic day at camp, where campers participate in daily activities, get into mischief, follow the camp director’s announcements, and try to avoid the Forbidden Forest. The winner is the camper with the most fun-points at the end of the game. Colored, plastic acorns are used to keep track of each camper’s points, which are won and lost with the ups and downs of life at summer camp.


The game is also fun for older siblings, parents, and grandparents. CampAntics™ was invented while the designer’s children were away at overnight camp. About seven years ago, the inventor started the process of testing, attending toy and game inventor conferences, refining the rules, and re-testing. He also had a computer program written to simulate the game. Emphasis was placed on fun, lots of social interaction, and great art. Progressive rules start with basics; add a few new rules when ready, and then the final set. There is a clever Comic book format for basic rules. The game provides many opportunities for sharing stories, songs, and mischief. The 4-view game board offers each side of the board with art specifically for each player. Control the game’s duration through Day cards, which are added or subtracted during the game. The game helps children practice and improve their reading, vocabulary, social interactions, arithmetic, weighing risk against reward, and thinking strategically. Children also learn that bullying is wrong, and boys don’t belong in the girls’ cabins.