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Board Game, Educational Skills, Game, Science


Gross-Abulary is a hilarious, easy to play word/trivia game, suitable for the whole family. The objective is simple; earn the most points by creating sentences or phrases using a combination of “Picture” and “Word” cards. The more cards you use, the more points you get. There’s a Word Wizard who determines the “winner” of the round. That player then gets a chance to answer some hilarious trivia questions. If the winners respond correctly, they get to keep their card and tell a joke. At the end, the person with the most Picture cards wins!


The game contains 192 Picture cards about Boogers, Farts and Body parts. The trivia pertains to the word on the front (eg., booger) and can be used in a standalone game or for road trips. The 200 Word cards are a selection of the 220 sight/Dolch words that most schools require children to learn by the end of grade 3. These words can’t be sounded out using regular phonic patterns and must therefore be learned by sight. Using them in a game format makes learning fun, the basic premise upon which the game was created. Also included are 40 suffix cards and some blanks to give the game flexibility. This is both a word and trivia game in one. The brightly colored Picture cards are playful and informative and include a variety of words, some of which are “gross.” Extensive research has concluded that gross humor (Grossology, etc.) has a wide appeal to children. By allowing kids to create silly sentences using this type of vocabulary, they get to stretch the boundaries a bit and their enjoyment is infectious.


Mark Veer, the original inventor of the game was struggling to teach one of his 3 sons the requisite sight words. The story goes something like this: one evening, while in the process of using basic flash cards, random words spilled onto the floor. “Big” and “but” when strung together caused much needed laughter and the motivation to continue. More and more wacky combinations of words were composed by father and son and Mark knew he was on to something. Zany trivia facts were later added to the backs of graphic Picture cards which, when combined, provided the inspiration for a truly unique game. Be Inc.’s first game, Gross-Abulary, was launched in the Canadian market in October 2011 and became a holiday hit at some major retailers. It was introduced to the U.S. at the NY Toy Fair this past February and is distributed across the country.