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American Doll Room

Age Range

3y - 12y








Dollhouse, Other


The American Doll Room Company started as a family project. The inventor wanted to build his two daughters a dollhouse for their 18" dolls.


The problem was not having the space such a doll house would require. His daughters also liked to play in different rooms in the house so portability was important. When the family found nothing that suited them, they decided to make their own. Using their Flip, Play, Fold and Carry technology they created the first modular doll house. The rooms are reversible, collapsible and portable. Each American Doll Room comes with a shag carpet, white cotton curtains, and a carrying/storage bag. From the realistic wood floors, crown molding, and bright colored walls, to the exterior siding, shutters, slate patio, the American Doll Room offers the opportunity to customize the rooms to match each child’s personality.